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Embroidery - Intermediate

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Intermediate Embroidery

What is an Intermediate Course?

This is where you practice the techniques you have been introduced to at Foundation level, perfecting your skills and design application. You produced your samples folio to demonstrate this.
• You will also start to be experimental, pushing your own ideas, with guidance, as you develop your own voice.
• You will work on finished items, developing longer projects and working to a high standard.
• On the design side you will work a sustained project into a theme of your choice that will be the basis for all your work.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who wishes to study his or her craft area in depth. This could be for your own personal interest or for professional development. You should have knowledge of the basic embroidery techniques, both hand and machine. You should be confident at design and its application to embroidery. You will be expected to have a working knowledge of dyes and colouration techniques relevant to fabrics.

How is the course organised?

This is a 2-year course leading to a City & Guilds 7716 – L3 - 61 Embroidery.

Design: - The 5 design elements of colour, shape, line, form and texture are studied in depth. You will produce artwork based on a theme of your choice using the elements. I will use the theme of flowers. You will need to select a theme that has both primary and secondary resources available to you within the classroom or studio. Primary sources are objects or places; secondary sources are photographs.You could choose something like the seashore, a favorite place or walk, or your garden. This should be something you have a passion for as it will form the basis of 2 years’ work.

Samples Folio: - This is the place for experimentation, trying out ideas in embroidery. The design elements are explored in stitch in an explorative and experimental way. Contemporary embroidery as well as traditional techniques will be examined and investigated. The issues raised by design are fully resolved so that you are confident to plan and produce work of a professional quality.

Manufacture: - There are 5 projects in which you design and make items to a high standard of finish. These will come out of your design and embroidery sample explorations. They will be spaced out over the 2 years.
a. A Panel. This can be decorative or incorporated in a functional item. It is carried out after Colour and Shape have been studied and should come out of the designs and techniques explored.
b. A Functional 3-D Item is developed through the form module as you design and make a complex stitched item incorporating construction techniques..
c. Three Experimental Pieces. Following on from Line, students are encouraged to identify an aspect of personal interest that has come out of the course. You are taught how to develop “open ended” sampling to generate new ideas.
d. An Accessory. This is developed from the 3 experimental samples, as you learn how to take wild explorations and create a functional item.
e. A Hanging with an Integral Hanging System. This takes its design and techniques from texture.

Course Delivery

• You attend at The ArtyBird Centre in Carnforth.
• You start in September and meet alternate Thursdays for eleven months.
• You would be expected to put in around a day a week of study to complete the course.
• You are responsible for providing materials and equipment for your course. There is a studio fee of £25 that gives you access to a wide range of art material, tools and dyes.
• The cost for the course will be £750 per year, plus £105 City & Guilds registration and administration fees, plus £25 studio fee. Students can pay by 10x£80 monthly installments each year, plus the registration fee of £105 and the studio fee of £25 up front. Fees are reviewed every year.

Meet your Tutor

Kate Horner is a practicing artist with a B.Sc. (Hons) Textile Design (Woven Structures) and a M.A. in Design Studies (Textiles). Kate has taught in Secondary School and Further Education for many years and is a thoughtful educationalist. This has been recognized by City & Guilds who have awarded her a Medal for Excellence. Her artwork explores many forms of textiles, centred on felt making and embroidery. Her sketchbooks are vital to the work she makes and these are extended and explored through the computer. Her themes are about herself and her relationship with people and places. This focuses on her family and friends, and their environmental and peace work. She has exhibited nationally and internationally.

For more details please telephone 01524 874890, or click here for a pdf with this information.

Dates 2015 - 2016
5th & 6th September16th & 17th January7th & 8th May
3rd & 4th October6th & 7th February4th & 5th June
7th & 8th November5th & 6th March2nd & 3rd July
5th & 6th December9th & 10th April
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