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Advanced Feltmaking

What is an Advanced Course?

At this level you will be developing your work as an individual maker to be in the position to run your own studio or teach your subject. When working at this level a high degree of self-direction is needed, the tutor taking on the role of guide and mentor.

Who is the course for?

This is for the professional felt maker who wants to explore making work to a high standard of craftsmanship. This will enable you to put together a personal portfolio that you can then use to further your career if you wish. In the course you will apply and develop the design and craft skills learnt on the Intermediate course.

How is the course organised?

This course has 190 guided learning hours leading to a City & Guilds 7161–13 Certificate in Textiles. It is arranged over 2 years. Students will be expected to commit to the equivalent of 1 day per week of home study. All courses are a progression of 10 assignments.

Four awards will be studied through the 2 year course, which will be based upon developing felt ideas and skills. It will be experimental and exploratory, as well as developing individual pieces worked to a high level of finish.

  • Researching design ideas and concepts (32 guided learning hours).
  • Students will generate a design project based upon a cultural or historical period or artifact. You will look at how you can be inspired by work from other countries or through history, but still retain integrity. You are free to select any theme of your choice but please insure you have access to a museum collection or artifact of your own.
  • Sampling techniques for textile design (40 guided learning hours).
  • You will sample and explore your design ideas in textile media. You will explore colour, shape, line, form and texture using stitch, dye, applique, embellishment, felt … You will be encouraged to move between techniques generating ideas.
  • Textile Decoration (59 guided learning hours).
  • Colouration, stitch (hand and machine), embellishment will all be explored on a range of fabrics and their application to felt. You will build up a folio of samples and go on to make a collection of finished pieces.
  • Hand Stitched Panel or 3-d Item (59 guided learning hours)
  • You will explore hand stitch on felt and applied fabrics in a folio of samples. You will go on to produce a completed piece in felt that includes hand stitch created before, during and/or after felting.

This course has been written to reflect the personal research that Kate Horner, your tutor, has engaged in over 20 years as a felt maker.

Course Delivery
• You attend at Carnforth, Lancashire
• You will start in September and meet for a weekend a month, for eleven months, for 2 years.
• You would be expected to put in around a day a week of study to complete the course.
• You are responsible for providing materials and equipment for your course. There is a studio fee of £25 that gives you access to a wide range of art material, tools and dyes.
• The cost for the course will be £750 per year, plus £105 City & Guilds registration and administration fees per year, plus £25 studio fee. Students can pay by 10x£80 monthly installments each year, plus the registration fee of £105 and the studio fee of £25 up front. Fees are reviewed every year.

Meet your Tutor 

Kate Horner is a practicing artist with a B.Sc. (Hons) Textile Design (Woven Structures) and a M.A. in Design Studies (Textiles). Kate has taught in Secondary School and Further Education for many years and is a thoughtful educationalist. This has been recognized by City & Guilds who have awarded her a Medal for Excellence. Her artwork explores many forms of textiles, centered on felt making. Her sketchbooks are vital to the work she makes and these are extended and explored through the computer. Her themes are about herself and her relationship with people and places. This focuses on her family and friends, and their environmental and peace work. She has exhibited nationally and internationally.

For more details please telephone 01524 874890, click here for a pdf of this information.

Dates for 2015 - 2016
12th & 13th September23rd & 24th January14th & 15th May
17th & 18th October20th & 21st February11th & 12th June
14th & 15th November12th & 13th March9th & 10th July
12th & 13th December16th & 17th April
Advanced Felt
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